noon east Stainless Steel 12 Pc Bar Set

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  • 12 pieces help you make the perfect cocktail every time, Includes everything you need to take your bartending on-the-go
  • With easy hand wash and dishwasher care this professional bar essentials kit will be ready to use again and again
  • Best Gift for a person who loves to make perfect cocktails
  • Professional grade cocktail shaker set is restaurant quality, yet perfect for the home bar
  • This set is made with durable stainless steel that prevents the cocktail making kit from retaining odors or staining

Professional beverage accessories made from high quality stainless steel with mirror finish, it will not rust and remain on your bar for many years to come. Bar accessories are perfect for your home, whether you're a seasoned bartender or a new mixology kit enthusiast. These accessories are all you need for a quick fancy mix right in the comfort of your kitchen - help you create drinks made from a wide variety of beverage flavours and garnishings.

Why stainless steel?

● Visually appealing — There is no secret that stainless steel products look much nicer than their non-steel counterparts. This metal is bright, sleek, attractive, and provides a contemporary visual boost to any home or structure.
● Impact, corrosion, fire, and heat resistance — One of the main reasons this metal is so popular is because of its strength. Stainless steel is an extremely powerful metal that can withstand all kinds of impacts that would otherwise lead to severe damage. This metal is tough and can withstand severe heat, temperatures far below freezing, and can resist corrosion in alkaline solutions and chlorine-bearing environments, as well.
● Cleanliness — Stainless steel is a very hygienic material and doesn’t support the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Additionally, stainless steel is easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is use an all-purpose cleaner and police it along the grain to give it a nice shine, essentially making it look brand new.
● Long-lasting — Stainless steel won’t scratch, bend, or break over time. On the contrary, as long as it’s regularly cleaned and well maintained, it will offer a nice look and remain durable for years.


● Made to last: This commercial grade restaurant quality bar bartender tool kit is made of premium Stainless Steel so you can create tasty and refreshing mixed drink concoctions for all occasions.

● Easy to maintain: These noon bar accessories are super easy to clean, dishwasher safe and does not rust, oxidize, retain odors, or stain so you can mix different ingredients to make a lip smacking drink.

● Compact and portable: The accessories can be perfectly stacked together inside the larger Shaker for hassle-free storage and Bartending on the go.

● Perfect gift idea: The beverage mixing bar essentials set has an attractive sleek polished mirror finish and comes neatly packed which makes it a perfect gift for various occasions.

Our bartending collection of accessories includes :

● 12 Piece bar set -12 pieces help you make the perfect blend every time, Includes everything you need to take your bartending on-the-go. Serve your drinks with panache with this classic 12-piece stainless steel bar set that makes your house party a glamorous affair. Below mentioned are the inclusions:

1. 1 pc Beverage shaker 500 ML-Perfect drink mixer kit for making ice cold beverages. Certain To Be The Most Used Piece Of Your Barware Equipment!.
2. 4 pc Pourer std size-Get the right measure each time without breaking into a sweat.
3. 2 pc Bar Spoon 11”-Mixes drinks, milkshakes, juices, dressings, and more thin size fits virtually any cup size.
4. 1 pc 4 prong Strainer- Perfect For Removing Ice and other Ingredients as It Is being poured into the serving glass.
5. 1 pc Bottle Opener 18 cms-Get the most stubborn lids off. Extremely flexible with fantastic grip can be used anywhere.
6. 1 pc ABS Muddler 21.5 cms- Used to mash a variety of accessories, fresh fruit to mixed in a beverage, or mash other foods.
7. 1 pc Jigger 0.5 0z / 1 oz-the vital part of mixing beverages are all about the correct measurements, this jigger set will give you the control and precision you need when pouring drinks.
8. 1 pc Jigger 1 oz / 2 oz-the vital part of mixing beverages are all about the correct measurements, this jigger set will give you the control and precision you need when pouring drinks.

Use & Care

● After a long night of mixing drinks, cleaning up is a breeze. Simply place your tools in the dishwasher, and it's all set. All your stainless steel tools are dishwasher safe.
● Dried up lime stains can also be removed by using a 25% vinegar solution. Allow the solution to sit for a while. Then clean, rinse and dry the surface.
● Wash the product with an alkaline washing detergent (pH over 8). Rinse well and dry.