Bluetooth Rechargeable Dancing Cactus Toy, Electric, Shaking, Recording, Singing, Talking toys, "Repeat your speech" Plush Stuffed Gift For Toddler, Baby, Kids, age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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  • 🤩[SING]I am a cactus made of cotton.Guess what? I have Bluetooth connectivity function to play music from your mobile, tablet, laptop etc. I can sing 120 Multi Languages Songs. and i can beat African drum,click the button on my belly then choose what you want to hear.
  • 🤩[RECORD] You can record your voice and play back any time. I can repeat your words same time.
  • 🤩[DANCE]I am a cactus made of cotton.Guess what?I can not only singing,but also the button.Let me show you my brilliant dancing skills.Well,well,I will teach you my skills.
  • 🤩[MATERIAL]I am a cactus made of cotton.That’s PP cotton so do not worry about if i am poisonous.I am a healthy cactus and I am convenient to get charged with a USB and I don't need much power to support my dance and song.
  • 🤩[FUN]I am a cactus made of cotton.Children love to play with me because i can teach them how to dance and sing.I will bring much happiness for your children.Just take me home!