Infinitoo Car Portable High Pressure Washer 12V, Hose Nozzle, Adjustable Glass Window Cleaning Sprayer Water, Electric Water Cleaner Wash Pump Kit +Jet Wash Cleaner Hose for Car Home Garden

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  • Ergonomic Design: The comfortable handle makes you feel comfortable when using it. Our adjustable nozzle head design concentrates water pressure and makes a strong impact. High-pressure nozzle heads can be installed to make different kinds of spray according to different requirements.
  • Durable: Leak-proof, pressure-resistant, but will not rust or corrode after long-term use. Durable design, it is not easy to bend and remains unchanged even after repeated use.
  • 2 Nozzles: Our car washer water jet is engineered to optimize your experience, coming with 2 spray tips (one is a jet stream and the other is a fan spray). for more convenient usage. (ATTENTION: no need for power or electricity, the pressure depends on your water system pressure, NO extra pressure.)
  • Simple to Use: The high-pressure wand is simple to clean the top of the car without bending down your body. Removable design for easy carrying and storage. Gives you control over the amount of water & spray delivered & ensures comfort during use.
  • Multiple Uses: Our high-pressure washer water jet is perfect for cleaning your house, car, garden, and windows or boats which are hard to reach, tackling dirty wheels and rims, dirt and mold on wood, car tires, glass, window, patio, deck, gutter. It can be also used to cleans driveways and second-story windows from the ground.