Ionic Shower Filter (Generation X - Limited Edition) Natural Immune System Booster, Rejuvenate Your Hair & Skin - Handheld

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  • ✔ Rejuvenates Your Hair and Skin: Featuring the safest filtration media, Nano Molecular Clusters “NMC” which REMOVES UP TO 99% of the harmful water pollutants, heavy metal ions, & chemicals from your shower, which leaves your skin feeling softer, prevents hair loss, hair breakage & reduces dandruff.
  • ✔ Boosts Your Immune System Naturally (safe & tested by TÜV & Eurofins): The Ionic Shower Filter generates millions of HEALTHY NEGATIVE IONS which strengthens your immunity cells, enhancing their ability to destroy viruses and pathogens. The negative ions are generated by the Ionic Steel Spray Plate through its 244 circular perforations, made of the highest-grade stainless-steel that prevents limescale build-up & minimizing showerhead bacteria.
  • ✔ Generation X- Limited Edition: A special edition for 2021, which offers you an extra NMC Refill Cartridge to enjoy a prolonged period of shower filtration+ i-Traveler’s Water Proof Bag to travel the world with your shower filter.
  • ✔ Easy Installation and Cleaning: No need for a plumber and no tools requires. Fits any standard shower hose and can be EASILY INSTALLED IN MINUTES! Replace NMC every 70 – 100 showers to continue receiving the full benefits of the filtration.
  • ✔ 2-Year Warranty & Fast Customer Service: BLU INTELLIGENT HEALTH SOLUTIONS produce the world's leading Ionic Shower Filters with a 2-year warranty. Our customer service team is always ready to take care of your needs if you have any questions or other concerns. Feel free to reach us anytime.