JaneDream 11pcs Resistance Bands Fitness Exercise Tube Workout Bands Stretch Pull Rope Strap Multi-function for Legs Arms Strength Training Yoga

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  • Five tension values in five colors: yellow 10LB, red 15LB, blue 20LB, green 25LB, black 30LB. You can choose according to your sports needs.
  • Training principle: through different training times and time, to achieve the purpose of fitness. Because its force changes with the change of length, enjoy the happiness and changes brought by fitness anytime, anywhere.
  • Accessories help training: metal hooks are not easy to rust, safe and stable. Foam handle, non-slip and sweat-absorbing, easy to clean.
  • Small size and easy to carry: can be used outdoors, home, office, playground.
  • Application: Designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, fitness and weight loss.