Kenwood Automatic Bread Maker Multifunctional Bread Making Machine,19 Programs, BMM13,750g White

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  • High quality plastic shell safe, reduce the possibility of burns. Bread barrel made from food grade saft metallic material, easy take out the bread and cleaning easier. Low noise DC motor, will not bring you interference when the bread machine at work.
  • With the hepl of 19 programs you can create many varieties of bread, such as basic bread, french bread, whole wheat bread ect. Also makes cakes and jam.
  • The bread machine have fastbake and delay function. When you choice delay function, it will have 15 hour delay timer, you can over in night baking. The bread machine can set keep warm for 1 hour, provide hot bread for you.
  • You can easy make bread using this bread maker, not need other mixer or other equipment. With gluten free menu, you can easy operation and make all kinds of bread even you just a beginner.