noon east 6-Piece Glass Tumbler Set Iridescent

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  • Made of high quality crystal-clear, lead-free glass for stunning clarity
  • Versatile drink set ideal for serving a variety of beverages like water, ice tea, juices, fizzy beverages etc
  • Tempered glass is food safe and will not absorb stains or odours
  • Keeps its shine through many washes and beautifully showcases beverages. This set is also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean and maintain
  • This multipurpose set makes a thoughtful housewarming gift

Adorn your table to your heart's content with Noon East. This invites you to try our collection of glassware and serveware combining modernity and functionality. Enjoy a refreshing summer cooler, fresh juice or cool water in these elegant drink sets from noon east. Discover a rich palette of colors, styles and designs and with a resistance to dishwashing and daily wear and tear. Ideal for daily use and special occasions.

Material : Made of high quality glass which is durable as well as food safe. Ensures prolonged use resisting daily wear and tear.

Quality : Designed to be sturdy and highly durable.

Utility : Versatile set helps meet most of your serving needs, be it a large or small gathering, a formal dinner for four or six people or just for daily use; Makes a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Easy to clean : Designed to resist catching stains and odours, Dishwasher compatibility makes it easy to clean.